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Brian Wong - Professional Economics Tutor
Excellent Teaching experience - Students come from famous schools all over HK and England.
Expert of teaching UK GCE A level Exam - One of the Leading UK GCE Tutor in Hong Kong
香港領導的英國高考(GCE AL )經濟科導師之一

Service 服務:
- UK GCE Alevel Economics 英國高考ALEVEL
- IB Economics 國際中學文憑課程
- IGCSE Economics 英國會考-國際課程
- HKDSE Economics 香港新高中經濟科

duction to practical Economics and Finance Class

Target for students who will join the university in the coming year
(Only GCE AL / IB / HKDSE students are allowed to enroll this class)

Fee $ 5000 //
Brian 's existing GCE student will have $400 Discount, only need to pay for $4600.

4 AUG (TUE) 10:00AM-12:00
6 AUG (THU) 10:00AM-12:00
8 AUG (SAT) 10:00AM-12:30
11 AUG (TUE) 10:00AM-12:00
15 AUG (SAT) 10:00AM-12:30

18 AUG 2:00-4:00PM
20 AUG 2:00-4:00PM
22 AUG 2:00-4:00PM
25 AUG 2:00-4:00PM
26 AUG 2:00-4:00PM

-交易的買賣差價,實際成交, 弱流通服票的買賣注意
-現金流折現,市盈率, 市帳率等
-開放型基金, ETF 交易所買賣基金, 基金表現分析
-貨幣政策與樓市, 供款壓力分析

Student can bring their iPad or notebook computer during lesson.
We will use some real time financial information during lesson.

Finance Part:
Financial products

  1. Stocks

How do the market determine the stock price,
-Bid, Ask Spread, Trading Volume
-Different types of Stocks (A,H shares), 滬港通, 深港通
-Background for Capital Account Control in China

Basic Valuation tools
- Fundamental – Monetary policy and the stock market
Money supply, QE and interest rate

- Valuation tool for stock market
Quick review for financial statements
P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
Simple tools:  (P/E, P/B, ROE, Debt Ratio, Cash Flow)
- Traps, don’t fully rely on valuations, Cheap is not a bargain
- High profit may not be good, High dividend may not be good

Technical analysis
- Identify Trend through Charts
- RSI and trading Volume   
- Random Walk Theory

Warrants and future in Hong Kong (窩輪)
- Premium and trading concern, time value
- Gambling or hedging

B.   Funds, eg. mutual, hedge
- Identify the different types of funding
ETF, Mutual fund, Private equity
-Performance comparison – using online tools
-Fees, liquidity and real trading concern

Development of financial Product in China
-Wealth Management products理財產品,餘額寶

Economics and asset market
Property market, interest, bubbles and case studies?
Borrowing, leverage, mortgage payment

Global financial crisis 2008
- Cause, impact and its implication

Asian Financial Crisis 1998
- Speculator and the story
- The implication for currency de-link for Euro

Quantitative easing and its impact on financial market
The case of United States, Japan and EURO Zone

The link exchange rate system of Hong Kong
- The story in 1983
-The benefit of the system and the painful consequence during 1998 to 2014  

The Chinese Economy
The challenge of the economic slowdown in China
-The problem faced by the MNC in China
-Adjustment program and assets value change in recent years
-The managed exchange system in China
Consideration on the future currency value


Contact Brian

- Please feel free to contact me
Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm (Hong Kong Time)
(London Time 8:00am to 3:00pm )
-Student could use Whatsapp to contact us

- Oversea students are welcome to provide me your MSN or Skype details in email for contact.
About Brian Wong

-Graduate from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Major in Economics
-Master of Professional Accounting,Graduate School of Business (HKPU)

- Many students obtained A to A* grade in their Alevel / IGCSE Exam Many graduated students are now studying in topk universities all over Uk and HK大量學生在英國高考及會考中考獲A 至A*最高成績, 門生遍佈英國及香港著名大學

- Many IB students are able to keep their predicted score at grade 6 to 7 and achieve such grading in the final public exam. 大量IB 學生能在校內保持預測成績6 至7級優異成績, 並在公開考試考獲6至7級佳績

- One of the most popular economics tutor for UK GCE Alevel exam in HK. UK students from more than 30 different borading school
- 最受歡迎英國高考經濟導師之一, 學生來自全英國由南至北超過30間不同寄宿中學及院校

-Local internation school Student come from famous international school all over HK. 本地國際學校學生遍佈全港不同國際院校, 熟悉不少國際校老師的考核風格, 因應作應試指導.

Brian 's students come from :
UK 英國學校
- Harrow School, Harrow on the Hill
- Colchester Royal Grammar School
- North London Collegiate school, London
- Peter Symond
s College, Wincester
- Roedean School School,Brighton
- Brighton College, Brighton
- King 's College, Canterbury
- City of London freemens' school, London
- Cardiff Six Form College, Cardiff

- Wellington College, Berkshire
- Harrogate Ladies' College,Yorkshire

- Concord College,Shrewsbury, ...etc
Over 30 different UK boarding schools

Chinese International School
漢基國際學校 [IB]
Harrow International School 哈羅國際學校
United World College
李寶樁聯合世界書院 [IB]
German Swiss International
德瑞國際學校 [IGCSE / IB]
South Island International
King George V
英皇佐治五世學校 [IGCSE / IB]
Shatin College [ IGCSE / IB]
West Island School [IGCSE / IB]..etc
Over 12 different international schools in HK
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